Massage Studio Etiquette / Expectations
At BackRubz, our studio is full of warm, inviting therapists and estheticians that are experts with muscles and skin! If you have never had a facial or massage treatment before, please feel comfortable calling our studio to schedule a safe, relaxing session.

This page answers questions that are typically asked from newcomers or clients looking for the right place to receive therapeutic massage and bodywork. If your question is not answered on this page, please call us for further explanations and descriptions of the different massage therapy techniques offered.

Questions and Answers

  1. I have never had a chair massage before. What can I expect? answer
  2. I have never had a traditional massage on a massage table. What can I expect? answer
  3. What type of pressure is good for me? answer
  4. Do I tip my massage therapist? answer
  5. How much time do I allow for my first visit? answer
  6. What if I have to cancel? answer
  7. What kind of environment / noise level can I expect at BackRubz? answer
  8. Affirmation... answer

1.) Chair massage is a great option for new clients. We offer 15 minute, 20 minute, and 30 minute intervals in an open area of our studio. You will be able to relax fully clothed into a chair designed to help your entire body relax. Typical areas of treatment with chair massage include back, shoulders, arms, and neck. Our therapists work over your clothing, and will ask your preference on using lotions or creams on your neck or arms before application. We offer aromatherapy to each chair massage client, so you can relax to your favorite essential oil fragrance while receiving your treatment.
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2.) Table massage is offered in quiet, enclosed rooms. Most clients typically undress down to their underwear and cocoon themselves between warm sheets. At all times private areas of your body are covered with sheets and not touched by your therapist. You will never feel uncomfortable or vulnerable at our studio; we offer therapeutic, safe massage. With table massage, most people choose 30 minute, 60 minute, or 90 minute treatments and feet, legs, gluts, back, shoulders, neck, and scalp muscles are worked on. If you would like to target an area, for example, an injured forearm or wrist, the therapist will spend extra time on those muscles. If you don't want an area touched, for example, you can't stand your feet worked on, we'll avoid that area and spend extra time on a tight muscle elsewhere. Table massage is preferred over chair massage for deep work and targeted work on muscles.
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3.) Pressure preference is individual. Some people like very deep work that pushes hard on the muscles, while others prefer a lighter touch. Your body will quickly tell you what pressure it prefers, and your therapist is trained to ask you several times during a massage how the pressure feels. PLEASE speak up - if you don't like the pressure, your therapist wants to know - as a client, this is YOUR time to relax and get your muscles worked correctly. Our therapists can only make you happy if they know what works well for your muscle type. Typically, if you are ill, pregnant, tired, or are elderly, light to medium pressure works the best. If you are a hardened athlete or have young, dense muscle tissue, firmer work is usually preferred.
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4.) Gratuity is greatly appreciated by our therapists and a great way to let them know that you liked your massage or facial treatment. 15-20% gratuity is the normal tip range. Tipping is optional at BackRubz.
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5.) Please come at least 5-10 minutes early to your first appointment, as we'll have an intake form for you to complete. After your initial appointment, please be courteous by always arriving on time for your sessions. If you are late, your treatment may have to be cut short to allow for the next appointment on the schedule.
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6.) Please give our studio at least a 24-hour notice if you have to cancel your appointment. Our therapists and estheticians are very popular and spend a great deal of effort on each treatment, so letting us know in advance of a cancellation can assist them in filling your spot with someone waiting for an opening, and rescheduling your appointment to a time that is best for you.
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7.) BackRubz is a quiet studio designed to make you feel calm and relaxed upon arrival. There are many essential oils used at our place, which you will pleasantly inhale upon opening our doors, while enjoying soft music throughout our location. Our studio is large enough that voices carry, so please use a QUIET voice at all times to ensure our other clients have an enjoyable, restful visit.
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8.) At BackRubz, our therapists and estheticians blend the best products with the best training and experience for perfection. If you need any special treatment during your session, please speak up and let us know how to make your treatment a success.
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